Dining Plans

Welcome to Georgetown University Dining Services!
We are committed to providing our guests with variety, flexibility and value. Our primary mission is to satisfy the diverse and ever-changing needs of the entire student population at Georgetown. Whether you are a first-year undergraduate student or a Masters candidate, we've got something that will fit you and your needs.

Dine-In With Us!
We have several dining locations on campus to ensure that we satisfy diverse dining preferences, as well as accommodate varying schedules of our guests. From an athlete who prefers to eat several times a day, to a busy senior who is only on campus three times a week, there is a dining plan designed to meet the needs of everyone. Check out our Dining Plans and our Menus complete with nutrition information.

Let Catering Serve You!
Planning a special event? Treating your club or organization? Georgetown University Catering offers services to align with your budget and to make your event special. Checkout our Catering Department!

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