Mail Services is responsible for the processing of all intradepartmental mail and outgoing mail (e.g.: First Class, International, Priority, Air, express services and all Permit mailing). Mail Services offers a variety of special services to the Georgetown community including:

CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System): This service ensures that all addresses on a list do exist and that they are properly formatted, automation compatible and contain the proper 5+4-digit zip code.

Folding/Inserting: With the proper dimensions, offers expertise in folding and inserting certain materials.

Labeling/Tabbing: Automated labeling and tabbing.

Stock Items: Delivery of any products purchased. Click here for our convenient form.

Mail Services
Operations Manager: George Montgomery
3300 Whitehaven Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 687.5244
Web Address:


GMS Impact to Mailing Services

Beginning July 1, Mail Services can no longer accept mailings of less than 200 pieces without proper postage.  Please visit your campus Bookstore or UPS Store for stamp purchases.  For mailings of 200 pieces or greater please attach an interdepartmental invoice with GMS work tags and appropriate approval signature(s).