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Welcome to Georgetown University Dining Services!
We are committed to providing our guests with variety, flexibility and value. Our primary mission is to satisfy the diverse and ever-changing needs of the entire student population at Georgetown. Whether you are a first-year undergraduate student or a Masters candidate, we've got something that will fit you and your needs. Check out our website here to learn more about Georgetown University Dining! 

Dining Locations - MAP
From well-known dining options like Subway and Starbucks to the one-of-a-kind Students of Georgetown Inc. coffee shops and convenience stores, Dining at Georgetown offers a little bit of everything! Providing dining for an athlete who prefers to eat several times a day to a busy senior who might only be on campus 3 days a week, our dining locations and meal plan options are designed to meet the needs of the entire campus community. For a map of Georgetown Dining locations click here, and for information on Dining Plans and Menus (complete with nutrition information) please click on the provided links.

Healthy Eating
Georgetown Dining has a full-time dietitian on-campus available to assist all meal plan holders with healthy eating! If you're interested in signing up for vegan, vegetarian, or made without gluten email distribution lists that include daily menus, program updates or food tastings, or if you just want to meet with the campus dietician to talk about food allergies, dietary restrictions or medical conditions, contact the on-campus dietician to get started today! 

Meal Plan Terms and Conditions
Dining Plan participants are allowed to change or cancel their plan within the first two weeks of the new semester, subject to a pro-rated charge which is based on the number of days enrolled in the weekly Meal Plan, or the amount of meals used in the Block Plan. If you are a freshman, sophomore, or transfer student, who is residing in a residence hall, then you must remain in an applicable weekly Meal Plan. It is important to keep in mind that after the first two weeks of the semester, you can no longer cancel or make changes to your meal plan. Just as you don't get a refund from your cable company for only watching 2 hours of television in a month, we cannot provide refunds based on usage outside of the two weeks of the new semester. For more information and to read the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Let Catering Serve You!
Planning a special event? Treating your club or organization? Georgetown University Catering offers services to align with your budget and to make your event special. Check out our Catering Department!

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