Mail Services

Mail Services is responsible for nearly all of the mail at Georgetown. It sounds simple, but there are many steps along the way from home to your on-campus mailbox.

SO, what exactly does the journey to your Georgetown mailbox look like? Let’s find out…

Paper Mail

All mail sent to a GU address is collected by Mail Services and transported to 3300 Whitehaven St. NW. Once it has been sorted by Mail Services, it gets delivered to campus. From there it is dropped off at each Residence Hall Office, or RHO. At each individual RHO, mail gets placed into the assigned mailboxes.

Georgetown students rarely live in the same residence for consecutive years. This can lead to mail ending up in the wrong place if addresses are not updated promptly. If you change residence halls, be sure to tell your friends and family your new address.

How does this differ for packages?

The delivery process closely mirrors the process for paper mail as outlined above. The package arrives at the USPS Friendship Heights facility, is picked up by Mail Services and brought to 3300 Whitehaven. It is then brought to campus and delivered to the appropriate RHO.

Georgetown Mailing Services is not involved in the delivery process. The package is shipped directly to the listed delivery address, and Mail Services would never see it.

If you have questions about a delivery, your best bet for assistance would be Residential Living, which oversees RHO’s. They can be reached at You can also contact the shipping company directly to gather more information. Keep in mind that for UPS, FedEx, and DHL you will need the tracking number from the shipment.

Please note that any packages containing perishable items should be packaged appropriately.

Get more information on RHO’s on the Residential Living website, including their hours of operation. A list of RHO’s and their associated residence halls is also shown here:

  • Arrupe – serves Arrupe, Copley, Darnall, and Henle – located in the Arrupe lobby
  • East Campus – serves Alumni Square, Nevils, LXR, and Townhouses – located in the LXR lobby
  • Kennedy – serves Kennedy, McCarthy, and Reynolds – located in the Kennedy lobby
  • New South – serves New South, Ida Ryan & Issac Hawkins, and Village A – located in the New South lobby
  • VCW – serves Harbin, Village C East, and Village C West – located in the Village C West lobby

What else does Mail Services offer?

  • CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System): CASS ensures that all addresses in a list actually exist, are properly formatted, and are automation compatible.
  • Folding/Inserting: Do you have 1,000 copies of something but need folding/inserting?  Provide us with the dimensions and type of fold, and we can take care of the rest!
  • Labeling/Tabbing: Automated labeling and tabbing.
  • Stock Items: Delivery of any products purchased. Click here for our Stock Item Requisition form.
  • Courier Services: Mail Services operates courier service between Main Campus buildings. Mail Services also provides service runs to M St., Wisconsin Avenue, the Law Center, and the SCS.
  • Letterhead, Envelopes, and Watermarked Paper 
  • Black and White Copying: Invitations, newsletters, brochures, and other printed materials

Contact Mail Services:
Carl Dyson
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