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Student Laundry Plans
With Student Laundry Plans, Wash Cycle Laundry will handle your dirty clothes all year. Each week of the semester, Wash Cycle will visit your Residence Hall to pick-up your clothes - on a bicycle.  Wash Cycle will wash, dry, and fold as much or as little laundry as you have, and deliver it back to you the next day. Once you sign up, they will share details about your hall's pick-up spot, plus the day and time for service each week. 

Visit Wash Cycle's website for more information and you can sign up online  here.

Campus Dry Cleaning
Drop-off service students, staff, and faculty at the Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center. Take your items to the front desk by 5pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and have everything returned in 2 days or less. All items are cleaned in a chemical-free process and delivered in a re-usable bag.

Per piece, pay as you go
$2.50 Laundered and machine-pressed shirts
$7 Half Your Body (Pants, Blouses, Blazers, Skirts)
$14 All Your Body (2 piece Suits, Dresses)
$20+ Even Bigger (Coats, Comforters)
$3-5 Extras (trim, sequins, or stains)


Call 888.611.WASH (9274) with any questions, or connect with Wash Cycle @WashCyclistHOYA on twitter & Instagram, and on facebook

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