Weekly Updates

Apil 20, 2017

After being on campus since 2008, Cosi closed yesterday. Demolition of Cosi will start on Monday 4/24, and the space will soon be home to Royal Jacket, a sandwich concept that will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By the first week of May we anticipate all construction permits from the DCRA, which will then mean full speed ahead with construction across campus. Additionally, earlier this week Barnes & Noble awarded the construction contract to Rand Construction, which brings that project closer to getting underway as well.

On Monday 4/24, from 11:30am - 2:30pm, there will be an open house in Sellinger Lounge where the entire campus community is invited to see renovation renderings of projects across campus, check out new Sellinger Lounge furniture, and even speak to members of the culinary team that are hard at work developing menu ideas for the next academic year.



April 17, 2017

Progress in Leo's is moving along well, and below we've got a photo of the construction taking place inside of the box. Right now work is being done to the lighting fixtures and to the ceiling that will eventually be over the new grand staircase in Leo's. Looking forward, there is a pre-construction meeting for Royal Jacket tomorrow, 4/18, and on Wednesday 4/19, Cosi will be closing, so make sure to get some of that delicious Cosi flatbread before then. Finally, as of very recently we are proud to say that we have received permits from the DCRA (Department of Regulatory and Consumer Affairs) for Royal Jacket and Hoya Court. 



April 6, 2017

This morning construction officially kicked off in Leo O' Donovan Hall. Temporary construction walls were set up in the lobby of Leo's. Designs for Leo's call for one grand staircase, eliminating the two separate staircases.   The work being done today is one of the earliest steps necessary for the transformation of Leo's . The upper level of Leo's remains open, and there are signs directing visitors to the walk-ways that bring you to the dining room.