Harris Building Move-out Resources

This page contains up-to-date information and points of contact for the move out of the Harris Building, 3300 Whitehaven St. NW.  Bookmark this page for future reference. As you are preparing to move, a reminder to leave your spaces clean and tidy for the movers and cleaning crew. 

Resources for Tenants

Change of Address

Each office is responsible for updating their address after completing the move.  Below are common places to update your address: 

Conference Room Scheduling (2115 Wisconsin Ave NW)

To reserve general conference room space in 2115 Wisconsin Ave NW for this summer or fall, contact

Cindy Garcia: Garcia-Cindy@aramark.com

Conference room calendars will be made available for direct booking later this summer.

Note that the Zoom video conferencing and content sharing equipment in shared general conference rooms is not online. UIS will be working this summer to complete the installation and configuration of the equipment and will announce when the technology is available for use.

Department Leads Contact Information

GOCard Access

As moves are completed your GOCard access will be transferred to your new office location. No action is required on your part.


Returning Keys for the Harris Building

Picking up Keys for 2115 Wisconsin Ave NW

The Department Lead for each office will be contacted to pick up the keys for those moving to 2115 Wisconsin Ave NW.

Mail and Package Delivery

Due to ongoing remote work in many departments, administrative mail is currently not being delivered and instead can be picked up at Mail Services, located on the lower level of the Harris Building at 3300 Whitehaven St. NW.  More information about when deliveries will resume will be communicated to the full campus community prior to the fall semester.  For more information regarding mail services, visit the Mail Services website (new window) or contact: 

Samantha Herrell, smh325@georgetown.edu 


If you are interested in monthly parking at 2115 Wisconsin Avenue, contact the Office of Transportation Management (new window) to reserve a pass.  Two-day, three-day, and five-day/week options are available. 

Resources for Department Leads

Electronics Recycling (Computers, Phones, etc.)

All electronic equipment (computers, phones, cables, cable boxes, projectors, etc.) should be reviewed by UIS who will determine what is kept and what is recycled. This includes any conference equipment if you have internal conference rooms in your suite. For all questions regarding recycling and removal of electronics, contact:

Chad Gordon, mcg44@georgetown.edu, 703-499-6626


For questions regarding furniture you would like moved to your new office location: 

Contact the moving management company (see Move Management for contact).

For all remaining furniture: 

Leave any furniture you will no longer need in your new location. The university is working on solutions to redistribute any remaining furniture. 

Move Management

For questions related to the physical move of your office, contact Sami Gafar of Atrium Facilities & Interiors and copy Lorena Permuy: 

Sami Gafar, sami.gafar@atriumfacilities.com

Lorena Permuy, lp755@georgetown.edu

Printers and Copiers

Printer and copier relocations have been arranged with each office.  For more information regarding printers or copiers, visit the Managed Print Services website (new window) or contact: 

Samantha Herrell, smh325@georgetown.edu

Trash, Recycling, and Shredding

For all trash, recycling and shredding delivery and pick-up requests and questions, contact:

Angele Rameau, mr1673@georgetown.edu, 202-687-7120