Eight Zipcars are available on the main campus of Georgetown University.  Five are parked in lot 3 in front of Village C West across from the SouthWest Quad, and  three are parked in front of the Student Health Center at Darnall Hall. It's easy to sign up, reserve and drive!

Georgetown University has participated in the Zipcar program since 2004 allowing students and employees to access this innovative car sharing program and new to 2013 our GU program includes 18+ aged drivers!

Now making Zipcars available on campus follows the environmental sustainability principles and commitments of the University. Car sharing means fewer cars on the road for less consumption of gas and oil leading to environmental benefits not to mention the cost savings.

And it’s easy to use. Join the program, reserve a car online, then use your membership card to unlock and drive. Insurance and gas are included. And there’s a mobile app so you can access with your smartphone. Plus, when you sign up through the link below using your Georgetown email address, you receive the promotional $15 yearly membership. Compared to the $7 monthly membership or $70 yearly membership through the regular ZipCar signup process, it's a no-brainer!

Did you also know? Zipcar can be used for GU departmental use, just click below to find out more about this exciting program.

Phone: (866) 494.7227
Web Address: